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What we Do

Customer interaction is at the core of every successful business. Office shell is a virtual utility that allows you and your business to interact with your customers at ease. It enables you to interact virtually with any customer from any part of the world who has a Smartphone, Tablet or Laptop that has internet connectivity at any time.

Any customer who has a computer, say, laptop, tablet or smartphone with access to the internet, can get in touch with the customer support desk of the company through Office Shell and get all their questions clarified. While most traditional customer support desk fails in terms of providing the customers with real time troubleshooting or clarification of questions, Office Shell excels in offering real time solution. It offers three types of communication; text messaging, audio chatting and video chatting. It also offers file transfer options.  Along with these communication facilities, Office Shell provides a Customer Relation Management System too.

It is very transparent and straight forward. There is no complicated signing up process or waiting to be connected. It works real time.

Our goal is to help website owners use Office Shell  to increase sales, reduce overhead expenses, improve their quality of service and response times, and build better and more personalized relationships with their customers and prospects.

OfficeShell is a European registered company by a group of Software and IT professionals from Ireland.

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